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Some new fig pictures for 2010

Filed under: photos — Tags: , , , — IFT @ 8:32 am June 8, 2010

We’ve got some of our older trees currently ripening figs that they put on very early, in winter storage, or before dormancy, and they’re just now starting to ripen. We thought we’d share some of the photos with our friends & customers, and hope you enjoy them!

First, the Marseilles, which we picked this morning, so it had a bit of the morning chill to it:

Marseilles, ripening

Marseilles fig, ripening

Marseilles, ripe fig

Marseilles, ripe fig harvested

Marseilles, divided

Ripe Marseilles fig, split to show coloration

And now the Melanzana! Picked yesterday evening, while it was still warm from the sun.


Ripening Melanzana figs

large Melanzana fig

This particular Melanzana fig is huge!

Melanzana fig, split

Melanzana fig, split to show coloration

Well, we hope you enjoyed the photos!

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